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Sculptures, Willow, Clay and Junk Modelling

Large Scale Banners

I run workshops for all key stages and ages, creating 3D work, which can be made of clay, or out of a variety of materials, helping children explore and develop their ideas into sculptures and building confidence how to do this. I also run workshops for teachers, giving ideas for how to introduce and approach this with small groups or a classroom environment.

I am a great believer in using scrap stores for recycled materials where possible, and a variety of interesting and accessible materials for children to make independent choices on what they wish to incorporate in their model, based on their imagination. Junk modelling can incorporate exploring issues around recycling, plastics and waste materials and the environment. Creating and repurposing materials to create a piece of recycled art, is a great way of using scraps, plastics, textiles, paper and junk making them into something new.

I also create willow lanterns for lantern festivals and can run workshops on creating willow sculptures for all ages. These can be great for lantern parades and children of ages can take part in making and decorating their own unique willow creation.

Clay work is a hugely therapeutic medium and the experience of working with clay is invaluable for self expression, fine motor skills, sensory development and for building confidence and retaining children’s focus and attention span. Please contact me for further details or to discuss a project or skills workshop for your school or setting…