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school artist mural work

If you want to promote your values, vision and learning, or you want to enhance an area, with a bespoke mural for your school to catch attention and raise children’s aspirations…

I produce bespoke murals and large scale paintings on walls, for entrances, library spaces, stairwells and foyers. These can be designed and created directly onto the wall, or onto panels and attached. They can be used to transform dull uninspired spaces indoors or out.

Schools often have big corridors or hall spaces where murals can be painted, creating impact and breaking up the monotony of a space, adding fun, interest and information in a visual way. Murals provide a way of celebrating the school, vision and values, stories, books, history or special events in a compelling visual way. Primary children are the perfect age to engage with art and large scale wall painting, which has been shown to have a positive effect on mental wellbeing.

School murals…are custom made for any space, easy to install…..will last for years!

Please contact me to discuss your project and if you have a specific space in mind that needs a makeover. I design for individual spaces and usually sketch out concept ideas before starting. Pieces can be created in house or off site in my studio space and then installed. If you would like to get the children involved, I can run workshops or alternatively provide design steps to follow and incorporate the children’s designs into the finished mural.